7 and 8

we went to portland over the weekend (josephine’s eighth state–are you keeping track?).  what should have been a three hour drive there on friday evening turned into a six hour traffic-filled voyage, but we all survived and recovered in time to see old friends, meet a new sweet little one, eat good food, go out for brunch, and play on an enormous ball.

josephine met her great-grandparents — my grandma and granddad.  we don’t get to see them very often, so we feel very lucky that she got to spend an afternoon with them.

sunday afternoon, i left ned and josephine to fend for themselves and went to the theater.  (you have to say “tha thee-ah-tah” because i’m fancy like that.)  our friend allison’s sister is performing in “a chorus line” and, feeling a bit of giddiness at being baby-less for a few hours, i enjoyed a fantastic show.  if you’re in the portland area, you should go.

thank you to tashiana who let us stay in her lovely home. she was out of town and we were sad to not see her (and hope she does mind arriving home to a freezer with a bit less ice cream than when she left).  thanks to allison and matt and eli, for coming west.  to grandma and granddad for driving north.  to steve and katie for making time in the weekend to say hello.  and to josephine, for being a fairly calm traveler, despite cutting two (TWO!) new teeth, numbers six and seven.

5 Responses to “7 and 8”

  • erika Says:

    i spoke to Arizona. they’re willing to be state number 9 on josephine’s list. i promise not to ask for your papers upon arrival to prove your citizenship.

  • Jayme Says:

    Although not a state, the District of Columbia would love to be added to that list. And, if you need it to be “state” to make this legit (or to vote…), I know some nice folks in Virginia would be happy to house you.

  • Oma and Ned Says:

    ooh, i like this idea–blog readers’ states can battle it out to be her next destination. nine and ten are already spoken for (idaho and montana) but eleven and twelve are up for grabs. is she old enough to put on a plane by herself yet?

  • Meg Says:

    Hey — Iowa is always a great place! We have great food right now — tomatoes and sweet corn. 🙂

  • Christina Says:

    What a fun summer! Ours is coming to an end next Tuesday.