did someone leave a baby here?

i don’t think it’s fully sunk in that we have a child.  i keep wondering when the people who left the sweet little baby in our apartment are coming back to claim her.  not that i want her gone–not remotely–i’m just not quite convinced that she’s here to stay.  last night, for the first time, josephine was sleeping soundly in her cradle at dinner time.  so we took full advantage and, wild and crazy kids that we are, ate in front of “60 minutes.”  and for a second i forgot that we had a daughter in the next room.

we’re doing well overall (and sometimes just surviving seems like a very reasonable goal).  here’s what we’ve been up to.

first doctor's visit--this was right after she screamed bloody murder on the scale.

first doctor's visit--this was right after she screamed bloody murder on the scale. (i do not look that well-rested in real life.)

josephine met her great-great-uncle paul and her great-great-aunt marie-louise.  they are two of our favorite people in seattle and are the best story- tellers we know.  uncle paul spoke to her in norwegian.dpp_9509





note the noses


3 Responses to “did someone leave a baby here?”

  • Sarah and AL Says:

    Keep it up Oma and Ned!! We introduced Finn to your mom, dad and Charlie on Sunday. Susan cannot wait to get back out to see you guys! They still are absorbing the fact that they are grandparents… And William found every little thing he could play with in the house… including garlic. Their house is not baby proofed yet! We can’t wait to see you all at x-mas time too. Hang in there 🙂

  • Ro family:) Says:

    Hi Oma, Ned and Josephine,
    Love your blog! So glad you have it. Flora and family were just passing through Denver yesterday on their way back home after a wedding in Fort Collins this past weekend. I showed Flora the pictures of your sweet family. Love the pic of baby and Ned, chest to chest. Absolutely hands down Charles’ favorite thing to do with our kids when they were babies. He was so bummed when they outgrew that phase. Enjoy and rest! We send our love to you three.

  • Farah Says:

    She is so completely adorable I can’t stand it. And I remember well that feeling of foreignness and forgetting for a moment. Ah, the weird beauty of it all. Love you tons. And best wishes all around.