when i was newly pregnant, ned hoped we would have twins.  i, just to be clear, did not.  i knew our chances of having twins were low but i was grateful when the first ultrasound showed just one little peanut in there. (of course, a few days later, i heard from a college classmate whose second fetus was hiding behind the first in an early ultrasound.  the story gave ned hope and made me a little nervous.)  i think ned now realizes how drastically different our lives would be if we had two josephines crawling around, cutting teeth, dropping food on the floor, needing a bath, nursing, filling their diapers with poop that looks disgustingly similar to the food they ate the day before, etc. etc.

i got a little taste of the joys of two babies at once when i watched desmond for a few hours the other morning.  we played on the floor, went for a walk and ate some snacks.  he and josephine were perfectly well-behaved but still, i was very happy to hand him over to anya when our three hours together were up.

desmond brought over some toys, including two toy cell phones. here, josephine's hoarding one.

and here, she's downright delighted with the other.

anya and i were both curious about how i would transport the two babies from the apartment to the stroller in the garage. here's what worked--desmond strapped on me in the ergo and josephine on my hip.

2 Responses to “twofer”

  • Carrie Says:

    i wondered if you guys were going to start any babysitting swapping! it’s hard work when it’s your turn…but the opportunities for dates with your hubbies are amazing! hope you and ned get some time out together soon, too. if you can stand to be away from josephine, that is! 🙂

  • Meg Says:

    I agree with Carrie — hope you and Ned get to have some date time soon. 🙂 I remember wondering how parents survived with twins … we know two couples with twins and both say they barely made it … but the “single” babies born after the twins seemed so easy! Looks like you’re having a great time with Josephine. 🙂