beating the heat

it’s funny to write about, now that i’m sitting here with chilly feet and a sweatshirt on, but the last several days were really hot here.  record-breaking hot, in fact.  my sausagey fingers were too fat to do much photo-documenting, but i did manage to get these grins on film.  [she’s rocking the hot weather, shirtless, high-chair-straps-as-suspenders look.]

desperate to make staying in our not-as-sweltering-as-outside apartment more entertaining, i brought out the big yogurt container full of canning lids that usually lives in a high-up cupboard in the kitchen.  it’s been quite the exciting toy and josephine has figured out how to hold two lids in one hand and swish them back and forth against each other — the long awaited sequel to “edward scissor-hands,” “josephine canning lid-fingers.”

no matter how much fun she’s having with a toy, she is frequently compelled to crawl over to her beloved radio/boombox and hit the button to play a little tune.  she dances to a few beats then crawls back to whatever it was she was doing before the urge for music struck.  her dance moves are improving.

while she’s been occupied with canning lids and the radio (ned and i now get the songs stuck in our head), i’ve been scurrying around preparing us for our Epic Journey to montana.  we leave on saturday for a week in glacier national park with my family.  it’ll be quiet on the blog.  the cabin we’re staying in doesn’t have hot water or electricity; needless to say, i won’t be uploading photos or doing any computing.  but i can guarantee a glut of photos and stories when we return.

2 Responses to “beating the heat”

  • Carrie Says:

    can’t wait! have a great trip~

  • Meg Says:

    Wow! Have a wonderful trip!
    Josephine and the lids reminded me of how much my son loved (and still loves) playing with the empty cardboard rolls from toilet paper, paper towels, etc. He sets with up around my house as roads, gates, or whatever. Yay for pseudo toys! They are the best! 🙂