you should see the other guy

poor little face.

the “other guy” in this case is actually two culprits.  one was a wood floor in a cabin in rural montana.  josephine decided to hurl herself off the couch and land, face-down, on said floor.  we’re not quite sure how she got rug burn (floor burn?) directly under her nose, but there it is.  (the floor, to be fair, didn’t really seem to suffer from josephine’s attack.)

the second culprit was a bee, formerly a resident of matthews beach park.  we were enjoying a sunny outing with friends yesterday.  josephine was playing with a cup, holding it up to her face, and the bee flew in, got trapped and took out his frustration on josephine’s cheek.  i think she hated the ice i insisted on applying to her swelling face more than the actual sting. her eye’s still swollen today but she’s pretty unconcerned.  the bee didn’t fare as well.

just before the bee

good times.  sigh.  more on glacier soon.

One Response to “you should see the other guy”

  • Carrie Says:

    oh so sad!! poor little bruiser. i remember the pre-, early walking stage~ Sydney’s face was constantly bruised due to walking into walls, corners, bookshelves, tables… no pitching off of couches on to floors, but then, it sounds as if josephine is an overachiever. 🙂 hope she (and you and ned) are doing ok.