the birthday girl at her birthday party

even though her birthday was last weekend, we waited until today to have josephine’s birthday party because a few good friends were out of town last weekend and we wanted them to be here to celebrate with us.

with her early september birthday,  i foresee a future of complicated birthday celebrations for josephine; a birthday in the middle of a holiday weekend with all her friends out of town, a birthday on the first day of school, a birthday on the last day of summer…  all three of our birthdays and ned’s and my anniversary are piled up within a three week span, so perhaps we should just ditch the individual celebrations and spend a few weeks on vacation each year.  next year, hawaii?

i’m glad we waited until today to have the party; almost everyone we wanted to be there was able to come and the weather, after a week of gray, was pretty darn near perfect.  also, ned and i both really loved having a just-the-three-of-us day on josephine’s actual birthday and then having today to party with our wonderful seattle (and ellensburg!) friends and family.

many thanks to our friend ann who, when we forced our camera upon her, graciously took up the task of photographing the party.  she did a wonderful job.  here are a few moments she captured.

3 Responses to “the birthday girl at her birthday party”

  • Jann Hurley Says:

    Happy belated birthday, Josephine. Congratulations, you are one years old, hooray!!
    I know what you mean about the holiday, beginning of school complications with her birthday. I had the same problem at the other end of the school year, Memorial Day holiday, end of school, lots of kids busy and or gone — Bummer! But you always have family, right? Love you all.

  • Christina Says:

    Looks like a great party! Happy Birthday Josephine! We can’t wait till our next visit.

  • Carrie Says:

    She is obviously such an unloved child.