triple-feature wednesday

for your viewing pleasure…

josephine enjoying some puffs (in which we give away the secret to getting josephine to say words — saying them 1,000,000 times ourselves):

josephine tickling herself:

and the evolution of dance.  she doesn’t even need the funky beats; she’ll groove like this if you even mention the word “dance.”

3 Responses to “triple-feature wednesday”

  • Christina Says:

    hi its annie !!! i think that all the videos are really funny !!!!

    i liked the 3rd when it looked like the room was tilted !!!
    bye !

  • Carrie Says:

    LOVE this child’s rythym!

  • Monica Says:

    Margo and I viewed these with great pleasure. What a funny little duck you’ve got (although those weren’t the words Ned had to say this morning; sorry you’re not getting sleep).