doubling up

my friend anne and i have taken our friendship to a new level. we are now, i think, the mom-friend equivalent of going steady: we co-own a double stroller. we have just started a little baby-swap each week which means two things. the first is that i have two one-year-olds for a few hours a week. the second is that i have a few hours of no-baby bliss once a week.* both are welcome additions to the week.

inaugural ride! a definite sucess.

meera and josephine are pals, in as much as one-year-olds can be pals.  they get excited to see each other at music class and when one arrives at the other’s house.  they sit quietly and don’t kick each other in the stroller.  but it’s tough to watch someone else playing with your toys, and i have to say that josephine has a harder time with that than meera.  when we were at meera’s house a few weeks back, meera was playing with a cassette tape (remember those?) that josephine just had to have.  even with a room full of fun toys, it was a tape that they were squabbling over.  so it will take a little time to figure out how best to distract each girl from whatever the other one is playing with and prevent the high-pitched screeches that josephine is getting good at.  i know, i know — hard to believe she’s not an angel all the time, right?

josephine and i are also watching our friend anna on monday afternoons.  anna’s going to become a big sister in a few months and so she’s practicing out her skills on josephine.  she does pretty well although, again, the whole sharing thing could be easier.  (side note: our little friend dylan is the best sharer i know.  she always brings a few toys along to show josephine and usually has an extra toy or two with her when she meets up with any friend, just in case they need something to play with, too.  she’s incredibly generous and i hope josephine takes note.)  anna’s wild about the double stroller.  we were leaving the house and i had told her she could ride in the stroller with josephine and she was so excited.  i was putting josephine in the ergo just to get her downstairs and lug the stroller out of the car and anna grew very concerned and said, “why are you putting her in the ergo?  i thought we were going to ride in the stroller together…”

*ok, i’ll be honest.  i spent my first baby-free swap time doing work.  but it was really really nice to know i had a big chunk of time to work and that a little wail from the next room wasn’t going to pull me away prematurely.

3 Responses to “doubling up”

  • Carrie Says:

    so glad you’re finding ways to get a little oma time. it makes you a better mom, trust me!

    and josephine is so stinking cute, i can barely stand it.

    and hey, sharing is a life long lesson in mastering.

  • Jann Hurley Says:

    Great idea, Oma. I never was lucky enough to be in one of the Mom sharing groups, but they’re a really a neat concept. LOVE the videos of Josephine, especially dancing Joey!

  • megan & joey Says:

    i love that joey and meera have a weekly baby date! i miss you guys!