weekend with the grandparents

it’s been over a week since the last post but i have a good excuse–we had company.  grandparent company, to be exact.  ned’s parents, josephine’s gigi and papa, were in town and we had a delightful time hitting the city (and the olympic peninsula) with them and watching them enjoy josephine and her them.

on friday, we toured benaroya hall, home to the seattle symphony.  the tour was less of an actual, go-places-see-things tour and more of a sit-on-a-bench-and-learn-things affair, but they were very interesting things.  and we got to watch an organ rehearsal in the concert hall that looked a bit more like a canoodling session between the teacher and the student (who were speaking french, to add to the romantic quality of it all).  josephine enjoyed the huge windows looking down on traffic, buses and all sorts of people she could say “hi! hi! hi!” to.

we hit the olympic sculpture park…

…before getting ice cream at molly moon’s.  i know you probably won’t miss pictures of us eating ice cream, but i do feel bad that i didn’t take any photos while we had dinner that night with ned’s great-aunt and cousin.  josephine tried and loved her first bites of coleslaw.  who knew.

saturday, we all squeezed into the car and headed, via ferry, to port townsend on the peninsula.  ned’s mom’s college roommate lives there and the two hadn’t seen each other in 35 years.   after lunch, the old friends caught up while ned and i tried to keep josephine from destroying the house and from cracking her head open on the edge of the glass coffee table that she loved slapping with her hands.  while we were there, josephine had her first attempt at stairs and crawled quite handily up half a flight.

on sunday, after a fun but chilly swim at gigi and papa’s hotel pool, we went on a tour of theo chocolate factory.  i’ve been wanting to do this for years and now don’t know why i waited so long.  a factory that smells like chocolate and all the samples you care to eat — what more could one want?  a baby in a hairnet, perhaps?

see the chocolate bars? they're heading into the wrapping room.

thanks for coming to visit us, gigi and papa!

and for forgiving me for posting pictures of you in hairnets on the internet.

One Response to “weekend with the grandparents”

  • Meg Says:

    I love the hairnets!
    But even more, I love that Gigi and Papa came to see little Jo. Grandmas and grandpas are so important. 🙂 What fun!