Perhaps it’s because I don’t really have my finger on the pulse of the nation, maybe I’m a naive idealist out of touch with reality, but I have not, unlike many people, become disillusioned with the president.   I can still conjure up the feeling of elation when he won that November night.  And when we found out I was pregnant, I thought, “This baby was just biding its time; waiting to come into existence until after Bush was done being president and someone really great was in the White House.”  (Hm.  I don’t want to lead you astray — that was certainly not my first thought upon finding out I was pregnant.  Or second.  Or even hundredth.  But I did think it at some point.)

In today’s square, my calendar says “Obama at UW!”  I don’t often add exclamation points to items in my calendar but this one felt worthy.  Obama was in town campaigning for our incumbent senator Patty Murray who is neck and neck with a smarmy guy named Dino (please vote for Murray, Washingtonians!).  This morning, Josephine and I joined 13,000+ other people streaming towards the east end of campus.  We didn’t get up early enough to make it into the 10,000-seat arena where the main event was held, but we did get to join the 3,000 ushered into the football stadium’s overflow seating.  The cool thing about overflow seating?  The president made a personal appearance!  He said it was because he wanted to run up the tunnel onto the field but I think it’s because he knew it would make my day.  We were so close to him.  How close?  My friend Jen, who we were there with, said that even though she can’t really throw a football she probably could have thrown one to him from our seats (she actually said she could have hit him with a football, but it sounds rather violent when I type it out like that).

I suspect Josephine didn’t appreciate the magnitude of the event, intent as she was on eating her tortellini and pulling on the brim of my hat and yelling “hat! hat! hat!”  But she was there.  She saw the president.  And soon I’m going to get her to say “Obama.”

Multi-chinned Oma, lovely Jen and skeptical Josephine

There he is! Oh, and Patty Murray, too.

An un-zoomed view to show how close we were

Lucky baby! That could have been Josephine (had we been in the front row).

P.S. Capital letters make a rare appearance on the blog.  Maybe they’ll be back…

7 Responses to “Obama!”

  • Poonam Says:

    Super amazing!!!

  • Jayme Says:

    If that baby were a little larger, I think you could make up a very convincing story about how you passed Josephine all the way up there (crowd surfed her, if you will) to the Prez. Maybe you should do it anyways. She won’t know the difference when she’s 15 and thinks it’s the coolest thing ever.

  • Ted Says:

    Now that is cool !!! You take Josephine to the some great events.

  • Jillynne Says:

    THANK YOU OMA…it is frightening how many people are disillusioned. Why oh why do people think that messes going back to Reagan would be cleaned up in only two years of Obama.

    AND…Josephine continues to be amazing – just like her mama. (And papa, of course!)

  • Molly Says:

    Superexciting. He was at the U of MN yesterday, but I went to a poetry + yoga thing held by my friend; I love my friend too much to have missed it, but I was amused by all the porta-potties installed on campus as I was leaving class on Friday afternoon…. 🙂

  • kathleen Says:

    Voting done! I will gladly pay 10 euros tomorrow to mail our ballots, because Rossi had better not win. (Also, Josephine is a cutie, as usual! :))

  • Meg Says:

    Yay! So so so awesome! Iowa, I fear, is not looking favorably at Obama at the moment, unfortunately. My family and I are in the minority here. It’s so nice to see/hear from some of “our people”.