fading autumn sun

wintery weather has settled in over seattle.  we had a little respite from rain and gray this morning.  josephine and i strolled over to the lake to swing for a bit in the sunshine and say hello to the ducks.  but it was a brief break in the clouds; they have blown back in, have pulled up a chair and will make themselves comfortable (with a few lovely exceptions) until spring.  it’s not all that bad, but every fall it takes me some time to adjust to the wetness, to remember that it’s possible to get out and about without sunshine and dry skies.  and that nobody, save the wicked witch, ever died from getting a wet head.  (or wet feet and wet legs and wet socks and wet hands and wet shoes and wet jackets and and and…)  as i said, i need time to adjust.

on sunday late afternoon, in patchy drizzle, ned and i decided to indulge in what we’ve made into a fall tradition — a pumpkin spice latte.  with josephine cozy in her stroller under a blanket and the rain cover, we walked 20 minutes to a neighborhood coffee shop and were shocked to discover that they did not serve pumpkin spice lattes.  (the doughnut store across the street had just closed or i’m pretty sure we would have quickly revised the tradition to allow for a pumpkin doughnut.)  we were on a mission so we continued walking in the mist to the next neighborhood, a good 30 minute walk from our house.  we struck out a second time before finding a coffee shop that had pumpkin spice syrup.  (but even then the barista said that he hadn’t made a latte like that before.  c’mon, people!)  we sat in the warm cafe with our now-sleeping daughter tucked next to the couch and sipped our drinks and talked.  even though we agreed later that the lattes themselves tasted fairly awful (i think we’ll try the doughnuts next year… or week), it was worth the damp, chilly walk home.  and a good reminder of how it’s possible to do things in less than perfect weather.

and here are some reminders of the lovely fall weather we had before the gray made its arrival.

3 Responses to “fading autumn sun”

  • auntie mae Says:

    1. she’s so sweet, no matter sun or clouds.
    2. i love your writing.
    3. i hope you take vitamin d. 1000 units daily.
    4. i miss you guys.

  • Jayme Says:

    David and I were taking a walk a few days ago and got caught in a rain storm. We both realized that it was kinda nice! Love the story — and agree…the idea of a pumpkin spice latte is always better than the real thing. But, a pumpkin doughnut on the other hand…now you’re talkin’!

  • Meg Says:

    The fall weather is cool and crisp, here. We have had some beautiful colors throughout the countryside. Strong winds this week blew most of the leaves off of the trees. We had our first hard freeze a few nights ago (my allergies are saying thank you). It’s been incredibly dry here … if you ever want to come in from the rain … 🙂