happy halloween

or, as josephine says, “happy!” it’s concise, joyful and holiday non-specific.

what? you don't carve pumpkins in the nude? you do if you have diaper rash and if your parents think you might want to play with pumpkin guts (which you don't).

so, obviously, josephine was a bunny.  my mom sent the thrifted jacket a few months back and i added some wire to the ears and made the giant carrot with fabric i already had.  done.  we went trick or treating in a neighborhood business district with dragon dylan and her parents.  josephine was so excited about people handing her little wrapped things.  she was trying to hold as many treats as possible and ended up with a stash of stuff in the corners of her stroller.  lucky for us, she doesn’t yet know that what’s inside the wrapper is better than the wrapper itself.

i had to restrain myself this year from going too crazy with her costume.  i even called ned at work on thursday to go over some ideas i’d had — some simple make-an-entire-costume-from-scratch-in-two-days ideas.  he urged me to stick with the little jacket.  and he was right. but i was taking notes tonight.  there were some kids wearing some mighty fantastic costumes.  next year…

One Response to “happy halloween”

  • Grandma Susan Says:

    the bunny jacket and carrot are perfect for her! i love the carrot with it–you are so creative. as maeta says ‘who did she get that from?’
    what does ned think when you bother, i mean, call him,at work with such concerns? he’s a good man. xoxomom.