a bit more sun

i should complain about the weather here more often (because that’s what you come here for, right?). we had three beautiful days this week — one broke the all-time high temp record for november. and that was after a record-breaking amount of rain on monday.

to celebrate the first day of sunshine, josephine and i went to the zoo. when i was young, the minnesota zoo was expensive and a long drive from home. trips there didn’t happen often and were a big, exciting deal. when we went to the seattle zoo on josephine’s birthday, we bought a membership so she and i could go whenever we want. as soon as i get over the idea of going to the zoo being a major outing, i think we’re going to put that pass to good use . the zoo’s a short drive from our house and it’s so very nice and non-busy on school days. we were there for a couple hours on tuesday and had some of the animals all to ourselves. like this dancing elephant:

he danced! he was eating his straw and kicking his two front legs back and forth in a lumbering yet graceful way.

despite the dancing, i was most amazed by the grizzlies. when we were in glacier, we worried about seeing/secretly wanted to see grizzly bears. seeing these bears at the zoo made me realize how horrifying seeing them on the trail without a thick wall of glass between us would have been.

i’m tempted to be dramatic and say that josephine caught a monkey flu or a giraffe plague there, but i think she just has a plain old cold. it’s kept us from really enjoying the other two sunny days this week, but i’m keeping faith that there will be more. (sunny days, not colds.)

in other news, josephine is talking more than a teenager with her own phone line in her room (and yes, i realize that’s a totally outdated analogy and should be more along the lines of talking more than a teenager with an unlimited texting plan, but i’m old). i made a new page you can click on at the top called “josephine says” where i’m attempting to keep track of her words and sounds. for a while i was most entertained by her enthusiasm when she said “butt!” during diaper changes but now i’m most enjoying it when she answers a question with a proper “yes.” she draws it out a little so it’s “yeeeaass” and she recently added a very slow, purposeful head-nod to go along with it. she’ll answer questions like “did you have good dreams last night?” or “would you like to dance to some music?” and it just kills me.

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