twin falls

today i am grateful for mid-week federal holidays.  having ned home today meant that i was able to slip out of the house for an early breakfast with one of my dearest friends.   to be able to talk for an hour and half with no children to interrupt us was blissful.  of course, we talked mainly about the children that, had they been there, would have made it impossible to talk.  but we finished sentences!  and thoughts.  and didn’t have to wipe any noses or stop anyone from throwing anything anywhere.  it was such a needed little break.

later this morning, ned and i pulled things together to go on a short hike.  other than the trip to glacier, we haven’t gone hiking (outside of wooded city parks) with josephine.  we didn’t expect it would take us this long to get our act together.  (what happened to our summer?)  so off we went.  josephine fell asleep somewhere between here and there and, as we are loath to disturb anything resembling functional sleep, we let her continue to snooze while we packed up the gear and ate half of the food we’d brought along and read through the hiking book.  several times.  finally, we both climbed in the back seat and had started to doze off ourselves when she woke up.  i pulled her on to my lap (which she calls a “yap”) to nurse her.  i was snuggled next to ned and the car was warm and we were all drowsy and relaxed and i could have gone home happy right then and there.  those few moments would have been worth the drive.

but there was hiking to be done.  as we changed josephine’s diaper and zipped her into her cozy fleece suit, it started to sprinkle.  undaunted pacific northwesterners, we added another layer and set off.

the woods were luminous in the rain.

the water glowed.

we reached the series of waterfalls and they elicited a “woah” from all three of us.

the wet weather made me think of my great uncle who lives on the oregon coast.  my mom once asked him if the rain ever gets him down.  if it does, he told her, he just goes for a walk in the woods and sees all the beautiful green moss and ferns that the rains bring and he feels grateful and the rain is easier to bear.

it’s a good trick.

3 Responses to “twin falls”

  • auntie mae Says:

    i love the image of the three of you dozing in the backseat.
    as i lay in bed this morning with my husband and dog (yes, she was on the bed with us), i felt both of them twitching with sleep and thought of the image of your family in the backseat. so sweet.
    i also love the green mossy woods. ah green…
    it’s been snowing here today. i suppose you could say the same for both rainy and snowy winters – they can get you down, but the freshly whitened trees make for a lovely and peaceful walk. it makes the snow and cold easier to bear 🙂

  • Grandma Susan Says:

    uncle chuck was so right about the rain. and maeta is so right about the snow. they all have their place. and i love that you go out and enjoy it all.

  • Meg Says:

    I love it!