Oh, the weather outside is frightful

As we’re in the midst of an honest-to-goodness blizzard here in Seattle, I thought it might be an appropriate time to reveal a timely family secret. Ned loves holiday music. I’m not talking about classical music or anything refined. We’re not going to the symphony to hear whatever symphonies play this time of year. Oh, no. I know the holiday season has arrived when Ned tunes the radio dial to a station that refers to itself as “warm” and usually plays soft rock and other “warm music.” During November and December, this station plays “continuous Christmas favorites.” Continuous. There just aren’t that many Christmas songs out there. I tolerate this music up to a point. By the third version of any one song (or the first version of “Little Drummer Boy”), I make him turn it off. But, inevitably, our evenings in late November/early December are “warmed” by schmaltzy “favorites.” (This station is on a preset on the radio in the kitchen. Preset number 25. Get it? Because Christmas is on the 25th of December?) And don’t even get me started on Delilah, the evening host, who reads tear-jerker letters from listeners who request songs for loved ones. Maybe I’ll request a song for Ned this year…

The other night, Ned was waltzing around the apartment with Josephine, humming something that morphed into “Winter Wonderland.” His eyes suddenly lit up and he danced Josephine over to the radio, switched from NPR to preset number 25, and “Winter Wonderland” was playing, almost exactly in sync with what Ned was singing. A Christmas miracle?

We enjoyed our own little winter wonderland today, before the winds picked up and the weather got blustery and blizzardy and frigid. Josephine, Anna and I walked to Anne and Meera’s house for lunch. I’m not sure we’ll be getting out tomorrow, what with roads slick with ice and temperatures in the teens. The winds buffeting the windows now make me appreciate this morning’s quiet snowfall all the more.

little snow bunnies (mummies?)

2 Responses to “Oh, the weather outside is frightful”

  • Meg Says:

    Snow! Josephine is all snuggled up in that stroller — how cute. 🙂 I, too, love Christmas music. I can’t help it. 🙂 My spouse also makes me turn it off after a time. Our tree is up in our dining room; we’re going to put on the lights and ornaments today. We’re thinking about putting up lights outside, which is a true test for any marriage. 🙂

  • Jen Says:

    Capital letters are back!