peetzee and go!

josephine continues to add words to her vocabulary at such a rapid-fire pace that i can barely keep up.  have you seen this list lately?  it’s not up to date.  last night she wished our friend adam “hanukkah.”  (i’m pretty sure she meant happy hanukkah.)  she’s fearlessly tackling multi-syllable words and two-word phrases.  she just started saying “hold you” which means “hold me [now, dammit].”

in addition to adding new words, she’s refining ones she’s known for a while.  “ergo” used to be a tongue-waggling sound not really translatable into letters.  now it’s “ergo.”  i miss the waggling.  “wawawawawa” has become, properly, “water.”  and “woof-woof” has matured into “doggy.”

ned and i usually use the actual pronunciation of words instead of saying wawawawa or woof-woof to her.  it’s hard to resist referring to my lap as my “yap.”  however, there are a couple things we take her lead on.  like calling diapers “diapies” or saying “yogi” for yogurt.  our favorite is to call pizza “peetzee.”  it’s just too cute to resist.

so we went out for peetzee the other night.  the UW huskies were playing their arch rivals, WSU, in the annual apple cup.  i really could care less about watching football, but i rarely pass up the opportunity to eat pizza, not make dinner and not do dinner dishes.   we taught josephine to say “go! huskies!” she really liked saying “go! go!”  and practicing walking (she’s getting really good) and eating an entire slice of mushroom, artichoke heart, roasted garlic pizza.  er, peetzee.

p.s. in case you were wondering… as i’m typing this, ned is doing dishes and listening, very quietly, to continuous christmas favorites.

p.p.s. how embarrassing!  i just realized josephine wore the same outfit in two out of the last three blog posts.  what can i say — the “bot” shirt is a favorite, as are the striped pants.

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  • emilee Says:

    emilee is still amazed at how many words her friend josephine has! she had so much fun seeing you, joey, meera, and anne this past weekend. hoping for another word filled visit soon!