there’s no picture because it would have to be of elmo

I have to hand it to the Sesame Street empire. They knew what they were doing when they created Elmo. Up until a few weeks ago, Josephine didn’t know Elmo existed. She knows TV exists (enough to grab the remote, point it at the TV and say “TV”…  so sue me, I sometimes watch a bit of Ellen (and also sometimes a bit of Oprah) while nursing her.)  But she hasn’t watched Sesame Street (or anything else Elmo might appear in. I’m out of touch.)  A few weeks back, the lab tech at the clinic gave her an Elmo sticker after she got a couple shots.  She was enamored of it and could almost instantly say “Elmo.”  And “sticker,” but that’s beside the point here.  The sticker sat propped up on the salt shaker on the table and I told her that Elmo was watching her eat her oatmeal, tofu, peas, cheese, pasta, etc.  She’d smile gleefully and wave and say “Hi! Hi! Hi! Elmo!”

Today we were at a local kids consignment shop on a hunt for shoes (trying to find shoes for her that are neither fluorescent pink, sparkly, ugly or $1,000 is driving me batty).  There was a basket of slippers on the floor near where Josephine was playing with an exersaucer and, on the top of the pile, was a pair of Elmo slippers.  As soon as Josephine spotted them, she yelped. “Elmo!” Mind you, this child has ONLY seen Elmo on a small, flat sticker.   She quickly crawled over while saying, “Hold you! Hold you!” and, once she had the slippers in her arms, she said, “Hug! Hug!”  She then proceeded to hug, for quite a long time, the Elmo slippers.  She was in love with them. I have to admit that it was nice to have her so distracted while I continued to look for shoes, but it wasn’t easy to tear her away from the slippers (and, in case you were wondering whether or not I bought them, they were slippers that would fit a 6-year-old, not a 15-month-old).

I have added conducting research on the creation and branding of Elmo onto my list of things to do.  They are geniuses, I tell you, geniuses. We could all learn something, I’m sure.

(And if anyone reading this blog thinks that this means that I want my child to have anything more than a sticker with Elmo’s likeness on it, they are sorely mistaken. She can go visit the slippers at the consignment store until they sell, but that’s all we need of the little red monster around here, thankyouverymuch.)

2 Responses to “there’s no picture because it would have to be of elmo”

  • Carrie Says:

    oh my goodness, i completely concur. sydney had never seen elmo, not watched sesame street, nothing…then she started in the toddler room at her daycare. they have 1 elmo book. one. then she came home the next day, spotted an elmo doll that one of my co-workers had given her at my baby shower that had been hidden in the closet. she points to it and states (loudly) “Elmo!”

    And though she still has yet to watch sesame street, she now knows all the characters as they are on her diapers and that is how we convince her to put one on in the morning. do you want elmo? ernie? cookie monster? big bird? she has a different preference every day. those sesame folks…brilliant!!

  • Meg Says:

    You could do a lot worse than Elmo …