a concert and a wobble

josephine and i went to the downtown library last week. it’s a pretty unique place and we did a little touring around (she was more impressed by the number of people wearing backpacks).  but our main purpose for going was a free concert.  there was a woman playing a viola and then some people performing a bit of an opera.  i was curious as to what josephine’s reaction would be, as she loves music class and dancing to music in the privacy of our apartment.  i did not expect that the melancholy viola music would cause her to weep (weep!  sadly! with a quivering lip and a you-just-broke-my-heart expression) which would in turn draw dirty looks from the dour woman organizing the concert which would in turn result in my whisking my weeping baby out of the auditorium (before the opera portion, which was advertised as lighthearted and bound to be a bit more uplifting; i was sorry to miss it).

after she recovered from her grief, josephine realized we were in the children’s room — a library oasis far more expansive and exciting than the little children’s area at our neighborhood branch.  the world of books was her oyster but what did she spot almost immediately?  a book we have at home and read almost daily — a collection of mother goose rhymes.  “goose!” she exclaimed, pointing wildly.  “goose!”

she wasn’t content until i pulled the book down from its display and she looked through it.

yep, just like the one we have at home.


i feel the need to take a moment to appreciate josephine’s adorable crawl.  she’s the cutest crawler. when she’s mission-driven, she bobbles her head back and forth and wiggles her big cloth diaper butt.  you can see the range of head movement in these two shots at the library:

most babies crawl in a pretty cute way, i suppose, but i’m feeling a bit nostalgic this week as i think josephine’s days as a crawler are numbered.  there’s lots of this:

and then there’s this:

6 Responses to “a concert and a wobble”

  • Allison Says:

    She’s walking! It’s always amazing to see those first steps (and imagine what they feel like). She’ll be running around in no time.

  • auntie mae Says:

    oh my goodness, she is taking steps! can’t wait to see her in less than 2 wks!!

  • Grandma Susan Says:

    the viola music must have been the theme song from the movie ‘benji’–don’t you think? i love the walking and the goose goose!

  • oma Says:

    it was totally a benji moment, mom! you’re right. josephine was probably appreciating the mood of that music more than anyone else in the room. just like maeta understood the beauty of benji more than any of us.

  • megan Says:

    yeah for steps! we’re still butt scooting around here. we’re hoping for the sake of em’s pants that there are steps soon! so exciting! i can’t wait to see it in person.

  • Jackie Mc Laughlin Says:

    Her walk is so cute! And talking so much! i really enjoy this website. i show it to Grandaddy too.

    Grandma Jackie