on holiday

by the time you read this, we’ll be visiting ned’s family (or, if checking our blog during christmas weekend is not your top priority, we’ll be visiting mine).  and where are we going, you ask?  i’ll let josephine tell you.

i’ll also give you a little peek into the walking progress.  coming along quite nicely. (also, we did see the ducks at the lake. dozens of them flew over and landed in the water in front of us and it rendered josephine speechless. first time that had happened all day.)

have very merry and bright holidays and a wonderful start to the new year.  we’ll be back in 2011 with more josephine tales to tell.

3 Responses to “on holiday”

  • Grandma Susan Says:

    walk ducks. walk ducks. minnesota. what could be better? i am smiling.

  • Erika Says:

    i’m speechless about her speech! she said MINNESOTA and my son has only finally added “LL” to the end of “ball”. wow! how fun to get to communicate with her!! 🙂 merry christmas mcNouxs!!

  • Molly Says:

    Goodness gracious, this little one is so adorable! Minnesota! I hope you are having a good time (had a good time?) here… We’re chilly and still waiting for the minnow to arrive. I hope Josephine enjoyed the snow (and the ducks!). She’s growing so fast.