out for a stroll

this week has been a little rough.  i foolishly didn’t make daytime plans and the weather’s been partly to mostly crappy and it’s been hard to motivate to do anything and i think both josephine and i have a touch of cabin fever.  even though each day has started out looking like the sun will never shine again and it will rain for the rest of our lives, there has been a bit of time when the rain stops and the sky brightens a bit.  and, even better, josephine hasn’t been napping during that window.  (not that she ever naps for a length of time that would interfere with any plans other than, say,  a mother trying to have a MOMENT OF PEACE for herself.  but that’s a whole different post.)

on wednesday, we went for a walk in the neighborhood and, for the first time, i released josephine from the bonds of her stroller and set her loose upon the world.  she loved it.  i told her we were walking together and she toddled along saying, “walk together” over and over again and grinning so hard she almost tripped herself up.  i returned home with a wet and muddy kid and in a much better mood.  so we went out walking together again yesterday and today.  she’s totally unruly — the quintessential cat that won’t be herded.  so i just tried to keep her out of the lake and didn’t ask for much more than that.

2 Responses to “out for a stroll”

  • Meg Says:

    Hey! It looks like you had a great holiday, aside from the illness. 🙁 We battled pneumonia here — boo! I would have loved to come up to Minn. and see you, but the weather and my children’s lungs — and your child’s lungs — couldn’t have handled it. Jo is growing up so quickly! I need to see her before she’s 13!:) Beautiful photos!

  • Meg Says:

    Oh, and — I think learning to walk must be a bit like learning to drive. It’s hard to stay inside the lines at all times. 🙂