phrase, sentence

Want to know what Josephine’s talking about these days?  That’s what I thought.  (You did say yes, right?)

She’s talk-talk-talking all the time.  She chatters to herself while I’m pushing her in the stroller, she talks to her bears and dolls as she drags them around the apartment and, mostly, she talks to me and Ned.  All the time.  It’s a good thing we think the sound of her voice is the most adorable thing in the world, huh?

She’s learning about emotions: Her favorite thing to say the past few days is “excited,” which she pronounces as “cited.”  She says it when she’s, not surprisingly, excited about something. Like when I’m peeling a clementine she’s looking forward to eating, she wiggles around in her chair and says “Cited! Cited!”

She’s learning how to manipulate: She will whine and point and pout for something and when I ask, “How do you ask nicely?” she suddenly smiles and says “PLEEEEEEASE!” and vigorously rubs her belly in a modified sign for please.  She also likes to ask for something and then say “honey? honey?”  She’s not asking for actual honey.  She’s calling us honey and hoping that the pet name will melt our hearts and convince us to give her what she’s asking for.  It works.

She is figuring out how to get her point across in more complex ways:  She’s putting words together now and says things like “drop it” and “feed dolly” and “dress bear” and “little bit dirty” and “poopy diapy” and “stir it” (not in reference to the poopy diapy) and “read a book.”  She strings new words together every day and I spend my days wondering how she’s figured this all out.

She’s learning her world: She tells us which books she wants to read or song she wants to hear by saying a word or two of the title.  She also has an amazing memory for things. We were in a store today and she was pointing at something and saying “kissa baby, kissa baby.”  I looked and she was pointing to a book called “I Kissed the Baby,” a book we have on loan from the library.   Later at home, we were digging through her books to make a pile to read together and she saw that same book.  She looked at it, paused, then said, “store” and nodded.

Yesterday, she had to get three shots at the doctor’s office.  It wasn’t pretty; she was crying before the first needle even touched her pudgy little thigh.  After the shots were given and before I got her pants on, she was sniffling and picking at the band-aids on her legs.  I said, cheerfully, “The nurse put stickers on your legs!”  Later, Ned had the unenviable task of pulling off the band-aids.  Apparently, it didn’t feel good.  Several times since then, she’s pointed at her legs and said “stickers” and then made a very sad face and, a few times, almost been in tears again.

On a brighter note, she’s starting to sing her ABCs (and getting distracted by wanting to see the movie we’re making, hence all the “see it, see it.”)

And, just cause it’s cute and reminds me of this kid Fred who went to my preschool and ate seaweed sandwiches:

7 Responses to “phrase, sentence”

  • Erika Says:

    your baby carries on whole conversations. my baby goes down the slide headfirst.
    she’s amazing!!

  • Carrie Says:

    there are all sorts of things i could say about this adorable post and all the amazing things she is doing and saying. but honestly, i’m just stuck on the fact that the kid eats seaweed. ours still only eats jarred baby peas. that is her ONLY vegetable. sigh…

  • Molly Says:

    Maya and I just watched those videos and I love listening to her chatting away! Perhaps Maya will learn good eating habits from the seaweed snacking… my mother used to say, “If you don’t try new things, I won’t be able to take you to France!” That kind of threat just doesn’t work on my husband as well as it did on us as kids. 🙂

  • Meg Says:

    I love it! I have always marveled at how fast the kids went from being babies to being, well, kids. She’s growing up so fast. Before you know it, you’ll be walking her to school on the first day and wondering where the time went … 🙂

  • Grandma Susan Says:

    aahhhh….fred lives on! grandy and i just laughed at seeing her down those things. did you ever think you would be doing that to your kid?? and her sad face with stickers made me sad….

  • oma Says:

    erika–oh lord. that video of cp going down the slide headfirst kills me. when he and josephine are dating (or shopping for shoes together), he’s going to be the wild child and she’ll be his taming, calming muse, right?

    molly–i love the france threat. i’m going to use that someday.

    carrie–i have no doubt that j’s freewheeling eating will come to an end and we’ll be fighting over the last jar of peas at the store.

    meg–we got your holiday card and your children are freakishly enormous. i’m sure they’re actually proportional and average for their age, but i can’t believe how huge they are.

    mom–fred comes up around here a surprising amount. i wish i could find out what he’s doing now. j’s still talking about the stickers.

  • Poonam Says:

    She is just super precious! I am definitely going to come to get advice from you Oma when I get prego…:)