the park circuit

in the last week, we’ve hit four different parks. seattle is peppered with lovely little neighborhood parks (in addition to some huge, amazing parks that you can get lost in–literally–and forget you’re in the city) and, when the weather isn’t great, you can have the playground pretty much to yourself. our home park, at the lake a few blocks from our house, is the old standby, but as josephine is figuring out that there’s more to a playground than the swings it’s good to have fresh surroundings every once in a while. dylan, our frequent park companion, is doing an excellent job of modeling for josephine how to make the most of a playground.

at our a-few-blocks-away park at green lake:

(in defense of the snowsuit, the internet told me the temperature was a frosty 38 degrees that morning. the time/temp board at a nearby store said it was 44. regardless, it was chilly and josephine stayed warm.  i did feel like a bit of fool as i was the only parent with a kid in a snowsuit, for pete’s sake, at the playground. most of the kids weren’t even wearing hats.  bare heads!  i fought the urge to pull all their hoods up and tie them tight.  do i get my official mom certificate now?)

next up, a brand-new park a few blocks from ned’s work.  ned forgot his bag at home so we brought it down to him and then tested out the swings at the new park he’s been telling me about.  it’s a fantastic place and about to get even better — they’re putting in “playscape” with boulders and a spray park.  i can see some fun days there this summer (maybe with sydney?).  you can’t beat the view (can you see the snow-capped olympics in the distance?).

on saturday’s drizzly morning, we went to a little playground on queen anne hill with ann, jami and dylan.

we came home with chilly fingers and clothes covered in sand and josephine took a nice long nap.  thanks, park.

2 Responses to “the park circuit”

  • auntie mae Says:

    personally, i wouldn’t call that a SNOWsuit. the fleece makes it very impractical for snow, as the snow would just stick to it. it’s more of a wintersuit, or warmsuit, or… something.

    very cute! you guys are so active and adorable. can i come play, too?

  • Carrie Says:

    sydney is totally down for a josephine playdate at the park! i love that typing that is actually a reality… we’re really coming home! sigh… happiness.