ending blog silence

we thought we had a dead computer. turns out it was only mostly dead, still slightly alive. (name that movie reference?)  thanks to my computer whiz brother and another whiz in our building, we’re back up and running.  our brief computer hiatus made me realize how much i rely on the internet (too much, i think) and also put me days behind with work in the middle of final report writing season.  so now i scramble to catch up on what’s been going on on the interwebs and also to run some data and do some writing.

i know you’ve been wondering, dear reader, what josephine’s been doing.  ned and i spent this weekend mainly wringing our hands about the computer situation (a first world problem, to be sure) and josephine spent it being very patient with her frustrated parents.  but last weekend we went snowshoeing!  but there wasn’t enough snow! so we just went walking in the snow!  it was all very exciting.

more soon…

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