it’s friday

every friday morning, i wake up and say, “it’s friday!” and josephine answers with the same and a big grin.  i’m sure she doesn’t understand the lovely weekend anticipation that fridays bring, but she’s sweet to roll with it.  these photos are actually from last friday — a sunny day with time at the park with desmond and brixton and an evening out as a family — but this friday, one that included a playdate with josephine’s friend emilee, has been pretty nice, too.  it’s friday.

confidential to erika in arizona: remember when you sent those adorable dresses to josephine when she was an itty bitty thing? and we laughed about how huge they were and how they wouldn’t fit her until she was three or four?  um… recognize that dress in the photos?

2 Responses to “it’s friday”

  • Jillynne Says:

    Fridays are wonderful…not as wonderful as checking out for a picker-upper, though! You and Josephine always brighten my day, Oma.

  • megan Says:

    dear josephine,
    thanks so much for making my friday so special. it was so fun to play at your house. thank you for sharing your toys with me.
    love, emilee

    ps. oma, thanks for having us and making a splendid lunch – we loved seeing you!