bakery tour 2009: second stop

we brought our goodies from honore bakery in ballard to the beach at discovery park (it’s turning into a bakery/beach tour).  we give the bakery two buttery thumbs up.





3 Responses to “bakery tour 2009: second stop”

  • Carrie Says:

    We’re seriously getting jealous of your bakery/beach excursions and insist upon joining you on a future venture! Though the beach may be a tad chilly for the little gals when we’re home in december… nah, they’re tough!

  • kathleen Says:

    Horore opened before we left Seattle but I only heard about it too late. Everything looks delicious!

  • language | josephine Says:

    […] we drove to the nearby bakery, i thought about the explosion of language that lies ahead.  i’m already overwhelmed by how […]