the soundtrack of our lives

on a brighter note…

josephine’s pretty nuts about music. we go to music class every monday and it’s taught by a teacher named hilary field who plays guitar and teaches us some wonderful, simple songs that we sing over and over again at home, at the park, in the car, in our sleep. in an effort to expand josephine’s musical library, i checked out some kid music from the library, including two albums by the laurie berkner band. josephine latched on to a song of hers called “the goldfish.” she prefers to call it “ocean! ocean! ocean!” and any time ned or i sit down at the computer, she runs over yelling “ocean! ocean! ocean!” until we turn it on. i probably hear this song a dozen times a day. i have nothing against laurie berkner or her band and think she plays some great, non-grating music. but if you’d like to see what it’s like to be me, listen to the following about 10 times in a row.

so. after several months of ocean ocean ocean, we decided it was time to introduce even more new music and expand her musical library just a little bit further. one night at dinner, josephine said “oh me oh my!” and ned started singing “look at miss ohio,” a gillian welch song. josephine loved it and we found this video and now this is what we listen to a million times in a row. a much more palatable option, if you ask me. (also, i enjoy it when josephine requests “oh me oh my-o! oh me oh my-o!”)

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  • Erika Says:

    oh we’re a Laurie Berkner house too. She plays on a show called Jack’s Big Music Show that is our standby for holding attention while administering breathing treatments to our squiggly one who doesn’t generally like to sit still for 5-10 minutes at a time. So now I have a Laurie Berkner station on my pandora radio on my iPhone too which is helpful in the car. and i usually end up with one of her songs stuck in my head at least once a day. awesome. also, i miss you.