on being prepared

I woke up this morning thinking about earthquakes.  This happens to me sometimes; I’ll be in a random place at a random time and suddenly I’ll realize that there could be an earthquake at that very moment.  What would I do? Where would I go? I never gave much thought to earthquakes before moving to Seattle, not surprisingly. And I still don’t let them occupy too much brain space.  But this morning, as I was laying in bed next to a just-waking Josephine, I thought about what I would do if an earthquake struck right then.  It was eerie to turn on the radio a few minutes later and hear about the devastation in Japan.

My thoughts are with the people of Japan today.  And I’m thinking about ways in which we can better be prepared here in Seattle for what, if experts are to be believed (and I tend to trust experts in general), is inevitable.  I’m motivated to check on our paltry stash of canned goods and supplement it with more.  I’ll add batteries for the CD player/radio in Josephine’s room to the shopping list so that we will have a radio if the power’s out.  And I’ll brush up on what, exactly, I should do if an earthquake shakes Seattle while I am laying in bed with my baby next to me.  If any good can come of Japan’s tragedy perhaps it’s that at least one household will be a little more prepared.  Does it inspire the same in your home?

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