getting on toward spring

it was so lovely here today. really lovely. one of those mid-march days when you step outside and say, “yes, i can imagine that some day, maybe even some day soon, it will no longer be crappy, cold, wet, long, obnoxious, damp winter.”  you know enough, after seven years in seattle, not to fall completely for mother nature’s charms.  you know she’s a tricky son-of-a-gun and that the weather reports will be back to gloom and doom before the week is out (or before the weekend is over).  but on a day like today, you have to put that future rain aside and just bask in the sunshine.

so that is what we did today. but i didn’t take a single picture. josephine sure is cute, though, swinging on the swings and digging in the gravel and climbing up to the slide.  she’s especially cute in the sunshine.

you know when else she’s especially cute (and when i did have a camera around)?  when it’s pouring rain outside and we’re staying in, warm and dry, and she’s painting.  the rain was amazing this week — monsoon-style — the kind of rain they fake for an over-done rainy movie scene.  not what pitter-pattering, drizzly seattle is used to.  so the rain, combined with josephine’s cold, kept us in and subdued. which is not always a bad thing.

on another morning, when it was a bit sunnier, josephine re-discovered (oh, the boundless joys of multiple too-full toy boxes) these little curious george finger puppets.  she exclaimed,”two georges!” and took them with her everywhere that day. they even had breakfast together in her high chair.

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