josephine decided it would be fun to be awake for a three hour stretch in the middle of the night last night, so we’re all doing a lot of this today:


sadly, three out of the four of us don’t look nearly as cute when we do it.

One Response to “yawn”

  • Gaye Says:

    Hey Oma, Ned, Susan and baby Josephine, Hope you are having a wonderful visit and took full advantage of having your mother there and let her take the middle of the night shift, so you could get your much needed rest. She is used to that night time care. Wow, Josephine is so beautiful, I know your mother will not want to leave. Love your website, what a nice way to keep everyone up to date. Thanks to all your pictures of the pastries…I may have to run to Hanish’s. Enjoy the rest of your visit. Love ya, Gaye