in the sun

mother nature flirted with us for a few more days (but don’t worry, you minnesotans and your snowstorms, it rained all afternoon today) and yesterday was amazing — clear and sunny and warm.  josephine and i took full advantage of having a self-determined schedule and spent the morning at the zoo and the afternoon at the beach.    at the zoo, we saw animals and, equally exciting, some drain covers in the sidewalk. 

as close as she got to the snow leopard statue

willawong station, where you're surrounded by small parrots in an "interactive" exhibit. read: they can poop on you. my sister would LOVE this place.

at the beach, josephine learned the joys of throwing rocks into the water and watching them splash.  (i had to do the throwing because, even with my pathetic arm, i can launch a rock a bit further than the two inches her tosses got her.) then we did this for about an hour.

maybe it was the sun, but i felt so glowy at the end of a nice day spent with such good company.

2 Responses to “in the sun”

  • auntie mae Says:

    i have such a cute niece! and you’re such a wonderful mama – always experiencing new things with her.

    i would NOT love the bird place. it terrifies me just thinking about being “interactive” with the birds!

  • megan Says:

    we also threw rocks recently. em loved it. we miss you. hoping to play in the sun with you all soon!