this morning, in bed

i was lying next to a very-awake josephine, trying to keep her content enough to stay in bed a little longer while i attempted to remain semi-comatose.  this is my morning challenge and delight.  she makes up new verses to songs with me (what else would kleenex say when they get up in the morning but “blow! blow! blow!”? genius, jo!); she nags me, “get up, mama!”; she pokes my face when i close my eyes.  this morning, i curled my legs under her sleepsack-bound body and untucked my toes from under the blankets.  she spied them instantly and shouted, “here come toes!   let’s go get ’em!” and dove at them and tickled mercilessly.  i know it’s a slippery slope to let toddlers into your bed every morning at 4am, but these are the rewards.

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