a week of firsts

first pigtails.

first (non-immunization-related) band-aid.

and first pee on the potty.  (sorry, no picture.)

it’s been quite the week.

3 Responses to “a week of firsts”

  • Poonam Says:

    OMG I am loving the pigtails, she looks like a big girl 🙂

  • auntie mae Says:

    i literally can’t comprehend how old she is. how can my little baby niece be chatting and peeing on the potty chair? it just doesn’t click in my mind.
    …i really can’t comprehend how old she will be in 3 months when i finally get to see her. ohmygoodness.

  • oma Says:

    you’re not the only one, auntie. maybe you’ll just have to come out before july. 🙂 i miss you…