walkin’ ona boardwalk

i was getting a touch of cabin fever.  josephine had her umpteenth cold this week (after a few months of good health) and we were inside wednesday and thursday.  friday was a lovely, sunny day at the zoo.  but i needed more.  i needed further afield.  so on saturday morning the three of us hopped in the car (doesn’t that make it sound so quick and easy? in reality, i’m still floored, every single time, by how long it takes us to get out the door.  or, more accurately, get josephine out the door.) and headed south on the highway.

we just got a copy of nikki mcclure’s new book, to market, to market.  (not to be confused with josephine’s favorite book of the same title. i wouldn’t blame you for being confused. she is.)  in THIS to market, to market, the author and her son shop at a farmers market and, for each item they buy — kale, apples, honey, smoked salmon, dyed napkins — there’s a lovely explanation of how that product is grown/made/harvested. seriously, it’s like she called me and asked me what she should write a book about.  we’ve been reading this book a lot this past week and, because nikki mcclure’s from olympia and the book is about that city’s market, i thought we should head there.  a nice book-real-life tie-in.  i also was hoping, i’ll admit, to spy the author purchasing some apples or napkins or honey.  we didn’t see her, but we did enjoy a good lunch and basked in some nice spring market vibe.

bellies full, we drove a little bit north up I-5 to the nisqually national wildlife refuge.  they have four miles of trails, about half of which is a boardwalk that is suspended over tidal marsh land.  the trees are budding and that little hint of fresh green was such a welcome sight for these winter-weary eyes.  and boardwalks are the best place for a lolly-gagging toddler to explore.  we saw baby owls and herons and lots of ducks and geese.  and we saw a bald eagle tearing into a fish and then engaging in mid-air combat with a hawk that had flown too close to its nest.  nature drama at its best.

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