oh, right. the blog.

i haven’t forgot about you, dear reader, despite all evidence to the contrary.  the truth is that i was working all last week on the final report for the project i work on (and although “final report” makes it sound like it’s the final thing i’ll have to do for the project, well, it’s not quite true).  i put in 16 hours of work between monday and friday and, while that might not sound like many to someone who works 40 hours a week, these hours were almost exclusively worked while josephine was sleeping.  and have i told you lately how short her naps are?  or how she doesn’t much enjoy sleeping through the night?  needless to say, the 16 hours were mainly ones during which i also should have been sleeping.  so there wasn’t much time for things other than data and writing (such as blogging, for example) when josephine wasn’t around.

when she was around though, hoo boy! we had a full week: friends, new recipes, sleep miracles, ill-advised outings…  i’ll tell you about it soon.  but now i’m going to tell you about friday and how nice it felt to be done with a big project that’s been sucking my time (and soul, i swear) for way too long.

it felt really nice to be done with a big project.  in the morning, before the report was actually totally done, but it was close enough to be relieved, we had a long playdate with josephine’s friend emilee.  she’s about this happy all the time:

the two had fun together.  i even made the gutsy move of bringing two toddlers to the park.  we didn’t last long — as soon as they were both out of the swings and wanting to do different things, i scooped them up, we said hello to the ducks and headed home.

after emilee’s departure and lunch and nap, josephine and i went to meet a new, tiny friend: baby sven.  josephine likes to call him “baby pen.”  he is, as she’ll tell you, so tiny and so cute.

then, the best part of the day, we met up with ned on capitol hill and went out for dinner.  we had some sushi and a kimchi tofu veggie dish and josephine ate everything.  really, everything. even the pickled ginger and the seaweed salad.

i love her lack of pickiness.  i have no expectations that it will last so i’m enjoying it while i’ve got it.  nothing better than a 19-month-old asking for more seaweed, more tofu and more ginger.

finally, we capped off the night with ice cream.  josephine has just figured out that ice cream exists and is delicious and life will never be the same.

and that was friday.  i haven’t done a speck of work since then.  i’ve slept a bit more, played a bit more and had some actual naptime free time, which is so sweet.  this afternoon, josephine and i did a practice run for hawaii.  we sat in a sun-drenched seattle park and she played in the sand and i sat next to her and read a magazine.  it went really well — i think we’re ready.

more soon.

2 Responses to “oh, right. the blog.”

  • Grandma Susan Says:

    it is unbelievable what that girl eats. i think she could be in a book. remember the line in the book ‘how to raise a vegetarian child’: dipped carrots in molasses? well, josephine surpasses that! i love it.

  • megan Says:

    oma, i love this post. and, selfishly, i love seeing emilee make the blog roll. she had such a great time playing with the two of you — i just wish we could have been there. congrats on being done with the project (for now), and i am hoping joey’s love of all foods rubs off on em. while she is that happy all the time, she is getting more and more picky about what she eats. hope to see you this week!