we’re not all pickled ginger and seaweed around here

for lunch, we dipped our grilled cheese in ketchup.  (or, the toddler-preferred method: licking ketchup off a piece of grilled cheese, re-dipping, licking again, re-dipping etc. multiple times before actually eating the bread and cheese.)

and last week, josephine had her first licks of ice cream.  our friend had chastised us for not sharing the joys of ice cream with josephine earlier, but we figured as long as she didn’t know how great it was, we could eat it in front of her without her caring.  not to mention the fact that we wanted to put off dealing with a sugar-crazed kid for as long as possible.  but now that she recognizes ice cream in books (ann?  did you teach her that?) and knew what that we were enjoying ourselves after we all waited in line for free cones at ben and jerry’s last week, we had to start the ice cream initiation.  despite her funny face, she instantly begged for more.

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