another great friday

we’re on a roll, folks.  yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day here in nearly-almost-spring seattle.  during breakfast, josephine and i decided that our adventure for the day should be to take the bus down to seattle center (home of the space needle (“pace needew!!”)) and check out the world rhythm festival.  it was a very good decision.  it was children’s day at the festival so, along with a million other families, we attended an enormous music class.  then, while eating our lunch, we listened (and danced) to two groups of school kids playing african drums and then steel drums.  the one strange moment: among the sea of children watching these drummers pound out an infectious beat, josephine was one of the few who seemed compelled to join in and dance.  where were the squirmy, dance-y kids?

ned came home from work early and we struck out again in to the sunshine. we got free drinks from starbucks for earthday (really, the only time we go to starbucks is when they have free drinks) and supplemented homemade pita and hummus with some grape leaves and salad from the local greek place.  then we picnicked at the lake until the cool breeze blew us towards home.  well, first it blew us into the new frozen yogurt place, where josephine perfected the skill of asking for more ice cream the second you finish swallowing the previous bite.  (she ate mostly strawberries but i was happy to call it ice cream.)

i anticipate stellar fridays for at least two more weeks.  next week is the royal wedding (and, oh yeah, my parents are in town!) and the friday after that we’ll be on our way to paradise/hawaii.  the friday after that one, we’ll be coming home, but we’re not thinking that far into the future yet.

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