You know that totally annoying phenomenon where you get home from a vacation, even a really great vacation, and it very quickly feels like you never left?  I’m experiencing that this week.  I thought I’d be able to hang on to our beachy Hawaii vibe a little longer, but no such luck.  Worse, on multiple occasions I’ve thought of a little task or chore and said to myself, “I’d better get that done before we go to Hawaii.”  Doh!  Vacation’s over, you nut!

Sigh.  Anyone want to sponsor another family vacation to someplace warm with lots of sand?

Here’s a little random Josephine tidbit for you: the girl loves asparagus.  We had it for dinner last night and she kept asking for more and more.  And you know what’s grosser than a toilet full of asparagus pee?  A cloth diaper full of it.  Sorry.

As an apology for that lovely image (enjoy your lunch, folks), I’ll leave you with this one instead. This is Josephine one year ago today:

I can hardly handle it.  I’ve been making a little book of photos from her first year (when, really, I should be making a book of photos from the trip we took to Africa, oh, in 2007) and all the pictures of little baby Josephine are doing me in.  Makes up for diaper changing time the day after a dinner of asparagus.

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