story time

josephine is in love with the book little bear’s visit, especially the chapter about the goblin story.  she delights in rehashing the goblin story whenever there’s a pause in the conversation.  we talk about the goblin a lot.  so we were happy to capture her version of it on video the other night.

the goblin story, so you can follow along, goes a little something like this: one day, a goblin was walking in the woods.  he walked by a cave and heard a bump.  he got so scared he jumped right out of his shoes.  he started to run and he could hear something running after him and it made the sound “pit pat pit pat pit pat.” he hid in a tree and the sound got closer, closer, closer and then it stopped. the goblin looked out and what do you think he saw? (spoiler alert!) his shoes! it was the goblin’s shoes!  they had followed him.  he picked them up and said “that old bump in the cave made me jump right out of my shoes, but they ran after me, didn’t they? and here they are!” and he gave them a hug and put them back on.  then he snapped his fingers and skipped away, just like that.

i think it is very obvious what josephine’s favorite part of the story is. (hint: it’s the part where the picture gets shaky as i try not to fall off my chair laughing and ned’s voice is all squeaky.)  enjoy.

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