new tricks

it was wonderful having my mom visit for too many reasons to list here. one thing she did was help me see the many ways josephine has changed, even in the past week.  she’s learned some new tricks.  we all have.

new trick number one: a smile? we’re both dying to have these be a regular part of her bag of tricks.


new trick number two: self-soothing. ned went back to work after three weeks of leave on tuesday and my mom left wednesday night.  so josephine and i have survived two days home alone together and so far, so good.  i put her down on the bed yesterday so i could have a few moments to do something indulgent for myself like pee or eat.  i left a few toys within arm’s reach and when i came back, josephine had grabbed the chicken rattle and was comforting herself by chewing on the chicken’s comb.  smart little girl.


new trick number three: different sleep positions. ned discovered this one. i think it’s a perfect illustration of her calm, trusting nature.


new trick number four (and five): creative places to put the baby. i tried out the moby wrap today and she’s currently on nap number two wrapped up on my chest.  this photo also shows my still-damp hair from a shower that was achieved by putting a drowsy josephine in her car seat and letting her nap in the bathroom.


to celebrate new tricks, josephine and i read the cat in the hat this morning.  she remained quiet and attentive through the entire book.  not that i’m encouraging tricks like balancing fish bowls on rakes or anything.

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  • Farah Says:

    In case you’re looking for some new reads at the library or elsewhere, here are a few great children’s books we discovered with Ellie so far:

    Is Your Mama a Llama?
    The Napping House
    Goodnight, Gorilla
    Duck on a Bike
    The Gruffalo
    Sheep in a Jeep (and others in this series)
    Farmer Brown Shears His Sheep
    Time for Bed

  • auntie mae Says:

    our little baby is growing up!!