good mornings

josephine pops her head up in the morning and says the best things.  last weekend, ned plopped her down next to me, she nursed and then she said, “tickle mama’s belly! isn’t that funny?”  we were half-asleep but couldn’t help but giggle at that.  this morning she opened her eyes from a sound sleep and said, “let’s go get the matching game in the living room.”  i hope her little brain gets a rest for at least a fraction of the night.

from a couple mornings ago: josephine and her “friends.”  (friends is in quotation marks because that’s what she calls elsie, bear, and rose.  not because i think elsie, bear, and rose are mean, double-crossing toys, talking behind josephine’s back. they’re quite sweet.)  (ok, totally didn’t have to explain that to you.)

from this morning’s walk around the block.  josephine said, “should we walk around the block and see what’s next?”

1...2...3... JUMP!

(it is totally not the effect of the curved mirror--i really am a size zero.)

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