out for brunch

Ned: So how about we go out for brunch on Saturday?
Oma: What for? …I mean, sure!
Ned: Well, because we never really did anything for Mother’s Day.
Oma: We were in Hawaii. That’s all I needed.
Ned: Still. I thought brunch would be nice.
Oma: It would be. I love brunch. I thought that when we went out for breakfast a few weekends ago, that that was for Mother’s Day.
Ned: …
Oma: Um, I mean, I’d love to go out for brunch!

So we did.  And then we found a nearby playground for some swinging.  Some super-high swinging, by request.

2 Responses to “out for brunch”

  • auntie mae Says:

    whoa! that IS some super-high swinging! looks like fun 🙂

  • Erika Says:

    repeat after me: ‘when my husband wants to take me out to brunch, i shan’t argue, i shall just go and enjoy it.’

    brunch is good. in fact, i’d like to go to brunch right now. with you.