in the meantime

i sent my baby to the repair shop today.  no, not josephine. she’s just fine.  my other baby: the camera.  suddenly, it just stopped turning on.  and, what do you know, it’s kinda nice when your camera turns on.  not so nice when it doesn’t.  so it’s on its way to california to see if the canon folks know how to fix it.  wishes for a safe (and reasonably-priced) recovery would be appreciated.

so for now i’ll try to enjoy the portability of our little camera and not mourn too loudly the missed photo opportunities that would really benefit from the nicer camera (like tonight, when we had a picnic with friends at a park overlooking lake union and downtown and we watched sailboats race silently around the lake and then the sun peeked through the clouds and the light was really pretty…).

here are a few random shots (taken with the good camera… sniff!) from the last few weeks that i keep managing to not post.

from an almost-summer bbq at sara and jason’s:

waiting for the pool (?) with polar bear one morning. polar bear is wearing two swim diapers:

i made gak (is that what corn starch/water combo is called?) one raining morning in an attempt to keep a bouncy child calmer. that stuff is genius:

ned and josephine made a menagerie one night on the couch — a line of all of the animal and animal-like critters they could find in the apartment.  josephine loved it and keeps requesting we make another “badgery.”  note the elmos:

3 Responses to “in the meantime”

  • wendy Says:

    what is it with big kids loving the bumbo? Maybe we need to make a big kid bumbo or market the little bumbo for big kids and make millions. What do you think?

  • Erika Says:

    well, elmo IS a monster. that falls into a menagerie-type category…

  • oma Says:

    wendy–if we can make millions, i’m in. (and i agree–they love it. i thought she was going to get stuck. which i would have found quite funny.)

    erika–i’m not doubting elmo’s place in the badgery. i just think it’s funny that we have TWO. (“big and yittle.”)