oh, seattle.  finally!  you figured out that your citizens were nearing a breaking point.  you had pushed them to the limit with a few too many gray, rainy days.  and you apologized in fine fashion with day after day of sunshine and warm and blue. after this weekend, we all forgave you (as long as you keep it up).

josephine and i started the long weekend early with a friday lunch date downtown with my friend renee.  we took the bus and i am pretty sure josephine was the only rider anywhere in the metro area enjoying a snack of edamame, peas and corn.

josephine celebrated the warm weather by running like a wild child around city hall’s plaza yelling “hat off! jacket off!”

friday night, we met for pizza with sydney and colin and their parents at seward park.  as the night was winding down, the three little ones participated in some synchronized diaper changing.

on saturday, i pointed out to my friend in arizona that it was 40 degrees cooler here than there and yet it was still plenty warm to enjoy a wading pool.

sunday brought a picnic with friends from my grad programs.  great company, kids everywhere, good food and blinding sunlight.

today, in some of the best weather seattle has to offer, we went down to the center for wooden boats on lake union for the wooden boat festival.  it was pretty darn near perfect.  the park around the center is new and a beautiful place to enjoy views of the city skyline and lake union and, of course, lots of boats.  there’s a little pond for sailing model boats, which feels very quaint and old-timey to me, and a spray fountain for kiddos to run around in.  i made a mental note to add that to our warm-weather to-do list.  we toured a few boats, josephine and ned made a kite that actually flies and we sat in the grass and listened to music.  it was hard to leave.

(well, it's quaint if you ignore the "3-day beer garden" sign in the background...)

to enjoy the beautiful weather as long as possible, we took a post-nap walk today over to the wading pool at the north end of green lake.  we all waded around in the water for a bit, basking in the sun and the breeze from the lake.  but before i could take a picture, there was a suspicious bulge in the butt of josephine’s swim diaper and we quickly cleared out of the pool for a shore-side diaper change.  deeelightful.  and that, my friends, was our weekend.  i hope yours was a sun-filled and relaxing.

p.s. i miss my good camera!

2 Responses to “interdependence”

  • Erika Says:

    i’m so glad you have a blog. you do so many wonderful and interesting things that I’d be sad to NOT know what you’re doing! you’re amazing!

  • oma Says:

    e–maybe i’d have to actually post something to facebook if i didn’t have a blog. [shudder] 🙂