grandparent tour 2011, prologue

O: Can I ask you some questions?
J: Yes.
O: Where are we going tomorrow?
J: On the airplane.
O: On the airplane?
J: Yes. That sounds like a good idea!
O: Where are we flying to?
J: Minnesota!  Atlanta!
O: Atlanta, that’s right. First Atlanta, then Minnesota.  What are we going to do in Atlanta?
J: The fire truck is stuck under the chair!  Help!  The fire truck!  [dissolves into whiny tears]

Well, you get the idea.  We’re going to Atlanta and Minnesota to see the grandparents.  And we’re going to go swimming and go on a few boat rides and bask in grandparental attention.  And we’re going to not mind too much that it’s in the 90s.  Until we’re back, happy summer days to you.

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