dispatch from the infirmary

this trip, for multiple reasons, has not exactly gone according to plan.  the most pervasive reason, at the moment, is that josephine’s been sick for five-going-on-six days with an ailment that has the doctor my sister works with baffled.  it’s never good to baffle doctors.  especially when you’re 1,700 miles from home.  it appears to be nothing too serious – no fever, no intense abdominal pain – but she’s thrown up at least once each day this week.  and although each morning she seems like she’s on the mend, at some point in the day she devolves back into a head-lolling, pathetic, whimpering girl who wants only to be held (only by me, sadly) or to lay sadly on the floor moaning for her back to be rubbed.  yesterday, things were looking up.  she was happy and singing all day long but then threw up at 12:30am and 1am.  and tonight i put her down and less than an hour later she had thrown up.

i’ve spent a lot of time sitting next to the non-sick josephine while she’s in her high chair, trying to keep her happy with quiet activities such as play-doh, coloring and reading the same books over and over.  and i’ve spent almost as many hours rubbing the back of and holding an out-of-it girl.  each morning i hope it’ll be the first day without her throwing up, the day we can stop wondering what we’re missing.  i’m working on letting go of the trip we had planned and the activities i would much rather be doing and instead trying to focus on just my girl.  send good thoughts…

2 Responses to “dispatch from the infirmary”

  • megan Says:

    oh, oma… i do hope joey feels better soon. it’s no fun having a sick munchkin, especially when the ailment is so mysterious. i hope you all are able to do a bit of what you had hoped on your trip. love to you all!

  • Polly Says:

    oh no, poor Joey! Sending lots of healing your way.