sunnier outlook

now that josephine is better and i’m not running for a towel every time she whimpers, it’s easier to remember some of the better bits of our trip instead of focusing on the low points.  some highlights:  josephine loved reading books with all of her grandparents; she found some new favorites that she’s still talking about.  she loved swimming (we all did) off the pontoon boat in georgia.  she loved watching my sister’s dog zuki and was thrilled to learn zuki’s nickname is “zuke,” something she delighted in shouting frequently.  on one of her better mornings, when we thought she really was better, she was so happy to go the park and swing.  personally, i was beyond thrilled to see my dear friend meg.  she drove 10 hours (10!) to come visit and i’m so grateful for her friendship, her company and her willingness to leave her family for a night and come meet josephine.  so the trip wasn’t all vomit-covered torture (and you’re welcome for that visual).

we’re starting to do things outside of the house again and josephine just dances with joy when she is released from the house and from her stroller.  she’s ready to be active and play again and we’re happy to see her ready to do so.

we took in a free concert a few evening ago with meera and emilee and their families.  while there, josephine enjoyed some summer fruit.  in her winter jacket.  summer hasn’t quite hit seattle yet.

the next night, we enjoyed a bbq at emilee’s house.  emilee is an excellent sharer.  she shared her doll with josephine for the evening.  she also shared her corn on the cob and her dad’s story telling abilities.

and here’s what we’re doing when we’re not out and about.  we’ve been doing lots of painting and lots of reading josephine’s current favorite book: a trio of vintage stories — the pokey little puppy, scuffy the tugboat and the saggy baggy elephant.  she can’t get enough.

2 Responses to “sunnier outlook”

  • Meg Says:

    It was fantastic to see you, too, my friend. No distance is too far to travel when you’re actually so close! The drive was totally worth it! 🙂 I’m so glad to see that Josephine is doing better. The fruit looks scrumptious — what a treat! 🙂

  • megan Says:

    it always makes my heart happy to see you guys and to see our girls play. let’s do it again soon!