sunshine and rain

here, now, a bit of a photo-dump as i scurry around during naptime getting ready for a date with a friend tonight and for a weekend camping in the shadow of rainier.  this week, we have been:

:: picnicking in the park with adailia and her family

:: enjoying a pool party followed by a summery dinner (that included a salad that made me love beets) with eli and his family

:: spending a rainy morning at the park making muffins (aka woodchips) with meera and feeding them to anne

:: attempting two-friends portraits with wiggly toddlers

:: taking pictures of loveliness on the way home

:: spending a lot of time in the new chair, at the new table, developing a bigger, more explosive coloring style

photos from the mountainside soon!

One Response to “sunshine and rain”

  • Meg Says:

    What a great week! And yay for beets! 🙂 I bet Joey would love to come over and try out our new sandbox … better come to Iowa soon … 🙂