good dog, brandi

Remember when Josephine loved Gillian Welch?  She loved that “Miss Ohio” song and its “oh me oh my-o” lyrics so much, she once referred to edamame as “oh me oh mama.”  Now she has a new love: Brandi Carlile.  It all started when I played her a song called “Josephine.”  She loved that her name was in a song.  Sadly, Brandi only says Josephine about five times in the song.  The rest of the lyrics are words other than Josephine. The nerve!  So when Josephine hears the song, she says “Say Josephine again?  Say Josephine again?” until Brandi does.  Josephine hasn’t quite become enamored of Brandi’s entire repertoire, but she knows what she likes.  And she likes “Caroline.”


(Meg, I think of you every time I hear this song.  Well, I used to think of you every time I heard the song; now I hear it too many times a day to have any coherent thoughts about it.)

Josephine likes Brandi Carlile so much she requests her the moment we get into the car: “Yisten to Brandi Caryiyo?  Yisten to Caroyine?”  She also likes a song called “Dying Day,” but she refers to it as the “I want to kiss you song.”  She knows the songs and sings along and sings them to herself while she’s playing.  Need more proof of her love?  She now refers to the character in Good Dog, Carl as “Brandi Carl.”

So it was with just a touch of guilt that I enjoyed a perfectly lovely evening with my friend Wendy seeing Brandi Carlile in concert a few weeks back.  Josephine would have loved hearing her, especially when she sang “Caroline,” but I loved even more having time with Wendy and not having to chase a toddler around when I could be sitting on my butt, eating a picnic dinner and brownie and listening to the music.

Dave Matthews was there, too!  Well, not there like on the picnic blanket next to us (although he could have been, because he lives in the neighborhood), but up on stage, singing a song with Brandi.  Delightful.

I just showed Josephine a (probably illegal) video I took at the concert of Brandi singing her favorite song and she was like a teenage girl watching a video of Justin Beiber.  She was literally biting her arm in excitement and I think her eyes actually welled up with tears of joy.

The other morning, Josephine was sitting on my lap as I scrolled through a few cooking blogs, trying to find a zucchini muffin recipe* for us to bake together.  “Caroline” started playing on our mix of Josephine’s favorite songs and Josephine started bopping around on my lap and finally asked, “Mama get off the chair and dance with me?”  How could I resist?  Muffin recipes could wait.

*We ended up making these.  They turned out great.  I used half brown, half white sugar and reduced the total amount of sugar by a couple tablespoons. Raisins were the only dried fruit we had, but I think the suggested dried pineapple would have been delicious. Oh, and we doubled the recipe.  What good are only six muffins?  That doesn’t even get Josephine and me to lunch.

2 Responses to “good dog, brandi”

  • Meg Says:

    Oh yay!!! I’m glad Josephine has such great taste in music. I think it’s cool that our little girls — with their non-trendy names — have wonderful songs named after them. 🙂 Looks like so much fun. Miss you bunches. Baking zucchini bread this morning and thinking of you. 🙂

  • Meg Says:

    P.S. I’m totally going to try those zucchini muffins. Yum!