good busy big day

apparently i needed to get out of the usual routine, so this morning i packed up our bags and josephine and i headed east to carnation, washington and the evergreen classic horse show.

josephine had her first encounter with a port-a-potty (don’t worry — i didn’t make her use it and i didn’t let her touch anything); we saw every horse trailer in the state of washington; we saw lots of horses being led around, jumping and waiting patiently; we saw horse hair-dos that put getting two pigtails onto a squirmy toddler into perspective; and i realized that we’ll probably have to move to a higher tax bracket before josephine can become a horse-riding bad ass.

then, because they were right next door, we picked some blueberries.  and a horse, and a sheep and a purple thing that looks like a garter but i swear is a headband that a stuffed rabbit likes to wear as a bow-tie.  josephine was thoroughly entertained by gathering fallen blueberries.  delicious.

and THEN, as if that wasn’t enough excitement for the day, we went to a caspar babypants concert this evening. he’s a local celebrity musician with the under-10 set (and a bunch of parents, as well) so we met up with a bunch of friends and the kids danced their (baby)pants off. we shared picnic blankets with (in order of appearance): emilee, eli, lilly, (a tired and spaced-out) anna, and meera.

with all the spectating and berry picking and dancing we did today, my fingers are crossed that josephine lets me sleep in at least half an hour later than usual tomorrow.

3 Responses to “good busy big day”

  • megan Says:

    oma, i loved this day, or at least the part we got to share with you and joey. there are other pictures of the wee ones up on my babypants post… for you and your other friends. i’ll email them too. hope to see you again real soon.

  • Grandma Susan Says:

    i love this did you do it all? and i love that josephine will carry on the horsing tradition..perhaps with betting on the side? and she wore the right outfit to see them! miss you much. xoxogma.

  • Carrie Says:

    I too, LOVED, this day, as well as the red checked shirt she wore for horse viewing. Sydney is currently DYING to see some horses. it was the first thing she said to me this morning when I went in her room, “Mama we go see horses today?” Much sadness that this was not to be today…

    So next time you hear of horsey business, let us know! 🙂