because i know you want to know (aka: TMI)

today we had our first poop-in-the-bath experience.  that is all.

4 Responses to “because i know you want to know (aka: TMI)”

  • megan Says:

    ha ha ha ha!!! i totally do want to know that. em got out of the bath to do her deed tonight, thank goodness… there haven’t been any floaters in a while. i hope you let yourselves laugh!

  • Erika Says:

    ours was in the kiddie pool on the patio–thank goodness for a hose nearby!! 🙂

  • Grandma Susan Says:

    so what i want to know is: who freaked out the most?? xoxom.

  • oma Says:

    no freakouts on either side, mom! i scooped her out and put her on the potty chair in case there was more to come (there was) and then i, you know, cleaned out the tub. and then re-bathed her. i told ned that i’ve done my share of dealing with poop for the next few weeks, so she better time herself accordingly.